10+ Free Clock Widgets For Android To Customize Home Screen

Clock widgets for Android are well-liked widgets on Android. It truly puts a home screen together. Plus, it’s easier to observe than the small time placement on the status bar. The most accepted include a clock widget with weather since it inserts another level to its functionality. There are plenty of terrific options to opt from.

Of course, there are also a ton of old clock widgets that don’t work enormous anymore as well. It’s okay, we have your back. Here are the best clock widgets as well as weather clock widgets for your home screen.

Free Clock Widgets for Android


Weather is a solid weather app. It has a lot of attractive features, including temperature, real feel, a 10-day forecast, a 12-week forecast (mostly accurate), a radar, and plenty of other stuff. It also has some of the wonderful weather widgets for mobile. That includes a weather clock widget. It’s clean, it fits across the peak of a home screen with no issues. It’s lightly customizable as well. You can modify the text color, the background opacity as well as it comes with a live weather theme. We didn’t like the exist weather theme so much, except the rest of the customization helps it fit into almost any home screen theme you have.

Pixel Art Clock

Heard of the renowned ‘Nyan Cat’ whose music still continues to have viewers stuck on for hours while they prowl around YouTube? Well, you too may have the Nyan Cat clock widget materialize on your Android Smartphone by downloading the Pixel Art Clock Widget. This widget brings several customization options with precise as well as stunning colors that deliver tremendous ‘eye-catching’ clock widgets.

What’s more is that you also obtain access to more than 36 shades with which you can paint the clock. If you’re a Smartphone user that understands the deeper intricacies of art, then you will definitely be looking forward to this. Apart from Nyan Cat, there are other illustrations that you may ensure, so let your art expedition commence with the downloading of this widget.

Circle Clock

Circle Clock is a simple to use, but efficient clock widget app. It add a circle widget on the home screen with the time as well as date. The widget is customizable as well as that includes colors, fonts, 12/24 hour clock support, and some animation settings. The animations show the seconds as growth bars around the outside of the clock. They may be disabled if you wish less battery drain. That’s about it for this one, really. It’s free, it’s simple s well as it looks beautiful decent on most home screen themes. Round Clock Widget is another useful app that does essentially the similar thing in case this one doesn’t work for you.

Clock Widget

Clock Widget is another simple clock widget. It shows the time in words on your home screen. It’s re-sizable as well as lightly customizable. That includes 12/24 hour clock support, fonts, colors, transparency, scale as well as even position. You may also define what clicking the widget really does. Thus, you may have it open a weather app or your clock app or perform something else. This is an brilliant widget for those who require something simple and it should fit with just about any theme.

DashClock – Great Clock & Weather Widget App

DashClock Widget is a free clock widget app just like the rest of the options that will be laid out in front of you which support extensions as well as ensure notification pop-ups on the lock screen. This will include elements ranging from the local weather forecast, missed calls, unread text messages, new appointments, Gmail notifications plus an alarm.

In short, the working as well as features that you obtain onboard is simply incredible as well as you will be missing out on a lot of things if you decide to pass up this provide.


BOBCLOCKD3 might be name a clock widget app but its functionality is top-notch, particularly for something that will optimize your phone and display a wide range of colors with extreme vibrancy.

The app also changes the size of the dates as well as clock, and this will include the lowercase and uppercase modes so that it matches the look of the home screen right away. The app is totally free to download so ensure it out right away; if you’re unsatisfied with what you’re using, there are several alternatives outlined for you here.


Chronus is a very ‘easy to use’ clock widget app for Android but very efficient in fulfilling its purpose. It is also able to insert interesting widgets on the lock screen plus display many options for the user to choose from. This will include the following:

  • Clock and Alarm
  • Time Panel
  • Calendar Events
  • General Appearance

Digital Clock Widget Xperia, KWGT and KLWP are hardcore customization apps, Weather and Clock Widget as well as many other Clock widgets for Android.

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